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Wohnquartier Kiefholz – Demolition Work Concluded!

4. February 2016

The demolition work in preparation of our “Wohnquartier Kiefholz” residential development in the district of Alt-Treptow was successfully wound up this past week.

In the coming days, we will start excavating the construction pit. The first step will involve sinking the soldier piles between pavement and plot and on the yard side in a small section facing Kiefholzstrasse 24. The soldier piles will then be shored up with wooden boards as the excavation progresses, so as to keep the pavement and adjacent ground from sliding into the pit. The other edges on the yard side will be sloped. In the next steps, the pit will be excavated down to the foundation depth before the bottom slab will be poured and the basement walls will be raised and covered with the basement ceiling.