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Museumshafen Berlin Foundation Formed

11. March 2014

In late January 2014, “Stiftung Museumshafen Berlin” was officially certified as pro-bono foundation by the city’s competent authority. Together with the registered association “Historischer Hafen Berlin,” AGROMEX is one of the founding members of this heritage foundation, and remains firmly committed to it.

“Stiftung Musemshafen Berlin” was set up as a foundation with legal capacity subject to government supervision. In coordination with Berlin’s Senate Administration (the supervisory authority for foundations) and the inland revenue office (monitoring the non-profit status), a number of objectives were added to the articles of association during the formative stage, including the promotion of academic and cultural work covering the following subjects:

  • History of inland waterway shipping,
  • History of Berlin’s urban development (and the role played by inland waterway shipping) and
  • History of divided Cold War Germany (customs and border pier as historic site commemorating the border fortifications separating the two German states).

The foundation will seek recognition as a pro-bono entity.

Project sponsor is the foundation “Stiftung Museumshafen Berlin,” having legal capacity. The idea behind the choice of name is to set this foundation apart from the activities of another registered association, Berlin-Brandenburgischen Schifffahrtsgesellschaft, which claims title to the top level domain.

We are pleased to have won several prominent public figures from various sectors for the foundation’s board of trustees (the foundation council). The advisory board and the board of trustees will be presented to the public shortly.

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