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Project description

On an overall project area of about 9000 sqm that lies between the existing high-rises Treptower and TwinTowers, AGROMEX will develop a combination residential/hotel complex with an above-ground floor plate of around 39,000 sqm. Based on the design drawings of Pysall Architekten, who carried the day in an international architectural competition, three new stand-alone buildings will be created that complement the existing structures, and that continue the development of the urban-planning structures already in place.

Limiting the footprint of the new development to three point blocks with a plinth-like substructure will ensure, on the one hand, a high level of residential comfort and a high quality of stay in the new buildings, while also ensuring, on the other hand, that certain qualities of the existing residential buildings are preserved, such as the view of the river and the areas across the river. The buildings will be placed in such a way that their shadows hit the river rather than the neighbouring buildings.

The centre of the neighbourhood will consist of a public playground and green areas of about 2,000 sqm. This commons will include quiet zones characterised by a high quality of stay. The greenery will screen the storefront units that the plans call for to enhance the mix of use types in the quarter. Moreover, the play and green areas will be directly linked to the riverside promenade via walkways that will be widened, on the plot, from 6.0 to 10.5 metres.

This inner-city project is complemented by an underground car park of 400 bicycle and 350 car parking spots, sections of which are actually day-lit, and which is accessed from the west and east end of Fanny-Zobel-Strasse, effectively keeping car traffic out of the entire quarter.

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Location: Berlin, Alt-Treptow
Type: New scheme
Units: c. 208 flats and 160 c. apartments
Residential floor area: 75 sqm to 160 sqm
Completion: Still in the planning stage

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