Gräfestraße Zimmer
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Gräfestraße Treppe

Project description

This impressive mixed residential/commercial building on Graefestrasse in Leipzig’s district of Eutritzsch was given a second life through costly refurbishment work. Just a short walk from the old village centre around Eutritzscher Markt, the mansion occupied a park-like plot of 1,180 sqm with old-growth trees. The grounds merge seamlessly with the parklands of Arthur-Bretschneider-Park.

In 1997, AGROMEX undertook a costly refurbishment true to style that restored the historic building fabric. High-end parquet floors were laid in the apartments, and balconies added. The lower ground floor has underfloor heating topped by laminate flooring. All apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. The commercial units, intended for office use, are located on the upper and lower ground floors.

The property at Graefestrasse 5 was sold to an investor pool.


Location: Leipzig, Eutritzsch
Type: Redeveloped period building
Units: 4 apartments, 1 commercial unit
Lettable area: 787 sqm
Completion: 1997

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