the Bedrock of Contentment

Even the most content principal will have second thoughts when faced with damp basements or warped doors.

Intense construction supervision and a robust presence on the ground during the building works are the prerequisites for ensuring a high building quality, and the foundation on which the longevity and appreciation potential of a property rests.

There is simply no other way to ensure the owner’s long-term contentment.

Every building is unique, and each one is marked by its own singular complexity. This is true not just for its development, but also for its redevelopment or expansion. Every construction project comes with its own challenges, its own plans, its specific and often weather-dependent workflow processes. The principal watches the structure take shape and experiences each project stage first hand. The smooth interaction of all project stakeholders is much harder to coordinate than would be the case in standardised mass production.

“Building quality” is not a term with a fixed definition. Each person involved in the construction process may have a different idea of what it means. The effort to ensure a high building quality depends essentially on the principal’s specifications, and on the know-how and experience of the various stakeholders.

Sound forward-looking planning, and the careful selection of the project participants is therefore indispensable for AGROMEX to ensure that the development is progressing smoothly and delivering the intended quality.