the Minor Details that Matter

Water will flow from any tap you install, yet not every tap is the same. The materials used in constructions should be high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, fit for purpose, durable and, in short, be as much pleasure to use 20 years hence as on day one.

For its occupiers, a building is brought to life by its inner values, its interior fit-out, and all the little details that brighten your day and make your life easier.

Letting the owner or tenant of a given home or flat feel this way is the challenge that we at AGROMEX face and that we love to take on with our passion for detail.

From the wheelchair-accessible lift to a wood-pellet boiler or to solar-based hot water preparation, what makes a difference as often as not are the small technical details.

The common denominator no matter what we work on is always high quality: It starts with the grounds and the lobby, and extends to every part of the property inside and out, from the basement to the roof.

The sense of coming home should not begin at your front door. Rather, you should start feeling at home as soon as you enter the building. One way to encourage this is to design bright and spacious lobby areas. Modern technology, elegantly discrete lighting, and high-spec elements, made e.g. from stainless steel, will make those who enter feel welcome. Other amenities include separate heated store rooms for push chairs or underground parking spots for cars and bicycles.

Expansive glazing on the ground floor, natural-stone cladding of façades, calcium silicate brick walls finished with composite thermal insulation and mineral render, overhanging balcony slabs made of concrete and topped with anti-slip grooved timber decking and anti-fall safeguards made of glass or metal – we always opt for the smart and high-end solutions.

This means solutions that are optimal from the resident’s perspective, whether they concern conservatory glazing, floor-length wood-frame windows, privacy blinds for the bedrooms, sliding or folding shutters, vertical or drop-arm awnings for solar shading, for instance.

A well-considered layout concept, high ceilings, brightly day-lit rooms, and a pleasant indoor climate, spacious terraces/balconies, underfloor heating in the bathrooms, parquet floors, alarm system, triple glazing, separate utility/storage rooms in every flat – there is nothing we have not thought of.

It’s all about the residential feel-good factor.