the Face of a Project

Beautiful eyes and sensuous lips – human beings are highly susceptible to visual stimuli and normally rely on aesthetics for the initial impression of much of their environment. Buildings, too, are often judged by their visible shell. Furthermore. Designing the transition from exterior to interior plays a decisive role in planning the urban environment.

However, the outer shell is more than just a pretty façade or a prestigious presentation of the entrance area: It is always also a structural element that should meet the technical and energetic requirements of its day.

We therefore pay great attention to exterior design when planning and executing a building.

Regardless of whether a building’s exterior showcases the corporate citizenship of its owner, or is simply a playful expression of the owner’s sense of self, it always has to reflect the technological state of the art.

Our ambition in every property development we tackle is to set new highlights and to introduce innovations that are here to stay. AGROMEX has no intention of chasing trends. Instead, we carefully weigh our options when picking sites for realising our architectural ideas, and always take a hard look at the ramifications of our projects for their environments. Striking a harmonious balance between classic architecture of high quality and state-of-the-art technology is an integral component of our philosophy.