Exclusion of Liability


The AGROMEX homepage includes so-called hyperlinks to other internet pages. Such links are governed by the following provisions: Despite its careful review of the selected links, AGROMEX has itself no influence over the contents and/or layout of the interlinked pages. Accordingly, AGROMEX assumes no responsibility for the contents of any internet pages whose URL is referenced on the AGROMEX website. This rule applies to any link quoted on the AGROMEX website and to the contents of any page to which the embedded link refers. The placement of links to other URLs is intended as a service for the visitors of the AGROMEX website, and may be removed at any time. The placement of links constitutes no legal claim to their retention.

AGROMEX makes every effort to respect the copyrights of any text, chart, and image used in any of its publications, and to use texts, charts and images that are either created in-house or are royalty-free whenever possible. In the event of an inadvertent copyright infringement, Agromax will either remove the item concerned promptly after being notified about the infringement or credit the proper copyright holder, as the case may be. Copyrights for any item AGROMEX created in its own right will exclusively remain with AGROMEX Reproduction or use of such texts, charts or images is not permitted without express prior consent by AGROMEX.

Die AGROMEX assumes no warranty for the accuracy of the provided information. Liability claims directed against AGROMEX and referring to damages of material or non-material kind that may have been caused by using the proffered information, or by using incorrect or incomplete information, are principally ruled out, provided said damages were not caused by demonstrable premeditation or grave neglect. Any brand name or trademark identified by AGROMEX on this website, and possibly protected by third party rights, is fully subject to applicable copyright regulations and the proprietary rights of the respectively registered owners.