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Bauwelt Convention 2017

15. December 2017

The trend toward new-build residential high-rises is visible everywhere you look. Nearly a hundred of them (97) are expected to go up across Germany over the next five years, with 27 of them to be raised in Berlin alone before 2022. These figures clearly suggest that the idea of “residential high-rises” has become an accepted proposition in Germany for some time now. On occasion of the Bauwelt Convention 2017, a panel hosted by Boris Schade-Bünsow and Kaye Geipel discussed the future of the residential high-rise with architects, town planners, scholars and property developers. What are the must-have features of next-generation residential high-rises? Serving as testing ground for innovative residential formats, tower blocks can be tailored to the future needs of people. A key criterion when doing so is to embed them into the surrounding urban quarter, and thus to move away from the single-purpose character of former building types. This is not to suggest that tower blocks are the conclusive answer to the housing shortage of major cities, but they do play an important role as special urban-planning format because they can positively contribute to a poly-centric urban development. It is in this context that we chose to present our own riverside high-rise project in Berlin. We recently obtained the planning consent for two residential high-rises, one 110 metres and the other 99 metres tall, and for an apartment hotel of 60 metres.