S.O.S. Leipzig

Since 2002, AGROMEX has sponsored quite a number of social projects launched by “S.O.S. Leipzig” as one of this charity’s founding members. Sponsorship can take the form of direct cash contributions or the hosting of fundraising events on behalf of the society.

Museumshafen Berlin Foundation

Since 2012, we have actively supported the foundation “Historischer Hafen Berlin” in its efforts to realise an ambitious museum project. The purpose of the project is to develop a museum harbour in a prominent location at the former customs and border pier at the Osthafen port that will show the city’s eventful inland waterway shipping history, and will take its place among Berlin’s cultural sights with its moored vessels and the Berlin Wall memorial on the Grenzsteg pier. As founding member of the foundation, we pledge our continued commitment to the government-supervised foundation, Stiftung Museumshafen Berlin.

Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V.

Formed in 1956 as a phone hotline by physicians for people contemplating suicide, the original goal of suicide prevention was expanded to include distress counselling in general, the focus being on crisis intervention. A few full-time staff and a plethora of specially trained pro-bono staff operate the emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For several years, we supported Telefonseelsorge Berlin indirectly through the acquisition of artwork within the framework of fundraising auctions. Recently, we decided to deepen our commitment and to sponsor this charity directly.