Agromex – since 1989

AGROMEX was formed by Franz Rembold and Oliver Hirt as an agricultural trading company in 1989, and has been active on the German real estate market since 1991.

The company is active in property developments
in Berlin, Leipzig and elsewhere.

For roughly 25 years now, the focus has been on one question: What is the way we want to build things? How do we get a project to meet the highest requirements long term, and to satisfy current accommodation needs at all times?

Our answers as principals and property developers have been (and remain) innovative and yet timeless.

Over the past 25 years, AGROMEX has completed quite a number of high-quality building projects. The business field of AGROMEX includes residential and commercial assets, the focus being unambiguously on the residential segment. Our spectrum of deliverables is complemented by the redevelopment of period buildings in superior locations.

The range of functions covered by AGROMEX extends over the entire value chain in property development. Accordingly, our activities also include the creation and implementation of marketing and letting strategies as well as the long-term management of client-owned and proprietary real estate. Our facility management is handled by the HRS Hausservice GmbH.

Prospering businesses never operate in thin air, but within a live community. We at AGROMEX see ourselves as an integral port of the greater community, and live up to our social commitment to the communities in which we do business in a variety of ways. And we intend to keep it that way.